100,000 Victorians have pledged to remove demand for20,000gigajoules of gas each year!

The fossil fuel industry is gaslighting Victoria.

Gas pollutes our homes, our climate and it does so at ever increasing cost to our household budget.

Renewably powered electric appliances can do everything gas does in our homes without the unacceptable impacts.

Take the pledge today and tell our politicians that you want help to Get Off Gas for good!

Just enter your information in as much detail as you can and we’ll add you to our pledge list – and email the Energy Minister and your local MP to tell them that you’ve taken the pledge!

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Simply take 2-3 minutes to fill your details in on our form. Your data will be collated and your pledge updated on our website, encouraging others to take the pledge too!

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When you take the pledge, an email will be automatically generated for delivery to your local state Member of Parliament and the State Energy Minister. You can personalise your reasons for signing if you like or simply send it as is.

Spread the word!

Strength in numbers! If we can show the politicians of Victoria how many people want to get off gas we can push for better incentives to help people leave behind polluting gas and switch to renewable electric alternatives in more efficient homes.

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